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                  A brotherly visit

  A space pod had landed on earth the space pod had created a giant crater as it landed on a field. The saiyan open his eyes, opening the space pod. He recently discover that the young saiyan brother was send to this planet years ago and so he went to search for him. It had been years since he last saw his little brother was a baby, "He must be one of the strongest power levels in this planet" he thought as he used his scouter to track down the highest power level.

"Hey! You just ruined a entire field what's your problem?" The old farmer ask as he was mad. Raditz turned to face the man "A earthling let's see what power level you have.... Level 5 how pitiful" he chuckled and turned away from the old farmer it be a waist of his time to attack this man. "Hey your going to have to respond for all the damages you hear me" said the man placing a hand on Raditz shoulder. Raditz responded by kicking him hard making him fly away. Raditz chuckled a bit, his scouter was reacting as he had found a power level that was high, "That's the highest? Ha... How amusing must be my little brother" he said flying off to see where the scouter would lead him to.

Goku in other words was just on his nimbus cloud flying off elsewhere he was just in his normal routine. "I wonder if the guys are over at Master Roshi's" though Goku, he looked up and it was a sunny day. He was recently going to the martial arts tournament he also wanted to surprise his friends after his training with Kami. He also was going to get his tail removed it has been years since he had it but he was told by Kami it could be dangerous and that it was pretty much useless. "I hope the removal won't be that painful" though Goku since he remember his past removals and shiver rubbing his lower back where his tail is "Man they were painful as heck" said Goku. Goku suddenly felt a strong energy source it was near by, "Nimbus stop!" Goku order as he looked down for a moment and saw a mysterious black figure walking by but it was hard to tell what or who it was by all the trees and leafs covering his view.

Goku curiously jumped down to have a closer look, he landed on the ground not far from him and hide behind a tree to not be spotted yet. Raditz was just walking by and the scouter quickly detected Goku. Goku sneak his head over to look at Raditz "Wow looks like this guy doesn't get much of a hair cut" though Goku, Raditz's quickly looked over at him Goku tense and moved back covering himself completely with the tree. "I wonder if he saw me?" thought Goku, he wasn't sure but he lightly looked over the tree once more to see if he was still there but Goku didn't see him. "Where did he go?...maybe he left" thought Goku as he moved back the saiyan was right there next to him his face wasn't so close to but there wasn't much distance from each other neither.

Goku gasp lightly at the his sigh though the saiyan was slightly leaning over towards him. "Oh gosh now he might be wondering what I was doing?" thought Goku, Raditz stared at him carefully examining every feature but what mostly caught his attention was the hair it was the same as his fathers and his face was identical from when he was a baby. "It's him it's Kakarot" thought Raditz as he slightly smirk, "Oh huh sorry I was just a bit curious there for a moment I really felt you have a strong energy" said Goku nervously rubbing the back of his head. "Hm?" Raditz seemed confused to what Goku had just said and this little attitude of his. Raditz looked down and saw Goku's tail moving around slightly, "Huh? Excuse me but what are you doing?" Goku ask when he saw the big hand grab his tail. Goku felt chills going through his spine "Sir no" Goku said grabbing his arm loosing his strength at the touch. "Y-y-you don't understand please just let go of it..." Goku made this impression on his face that seemed somewhat amusing to Raditz his face turned red watch Goku react to his tail being touch. "It hurts doesn't it?" Raditz ask, "ugh!" Goku close his eyes tightly and press against the tree trembling.

Raditz then let go, Goku release a sigh of relief and move his tail away when he felt the same texture of fur place under his chin moving his face to towards this stranger. Goku open his eyes slightly and looked down, he couldn't believe what he was seen it was a tail just like his. "What?..." Goku ask somewhat still a bit dizzy, "Surprise Kakarot?" Raditz ask, "Who are you?" Goku ask. He couldn't help the curiosity of finding out who this stranger was who actually had the same tail, "My name is Raditz, I'm your big brother Kakarot" he said. "My name is not Kakarot its Goku... Son Goku" said Goku moving his head away from the tail's touch. "Or so that's what you believe" he said, Goku looked back at him facing this stranger who called himself his brother. "You were send here as a baby from the Planet Vegeta, you are a saiyan son of Bardock and Gine" Raditz explained, "How can I believe you ... I just meet you" said Goku. "Because our father told me where you were send to and that's how I found you Kakarot" he said, Goku looked down it was too much for one day he didn't knew if he could believe him or not though the tail would explain a lot there was no lie that he was a saiyan. He looked up at Raditz he had this look on his face he was not smirking like before he looked serious he was telling the truth it could be seen in his cold eyes. "I don't know if I should believe you I just don't think it's me your looking for.... I better leave" said Goku as he moved away but Raditz grab his arm "Huh?" Goku looked back at him. "I didn't came here to give you a lecture of who you are, I came here for a different reason" said Raditz holding with a strong grip his arm. Goku looked up at him surprise and asked him "what did you come here for?" Goku ask fearing the worst, "Is he here to battle me or something? I hope so" though Goku not knowing how to feel about this situation. "I came here for you, your coming with me" he said, Goku felt like a weight was placed over him, leaving his home planet to go with his brother. Goku shook his head lightly "... No" he answer, "I am giving you a choice" said Raditz. "You can't force me" said Goku when Raditz yank his arms closer to him. Goku could feel his breathing has his body was pressing against the Raditz's body, "You sure about that little brother comparing power levels not even two of you can take me down" said Raditz he said as the smirk return his face. Goku struggle pushing him away somehow managing to slip out of his grip and stepped away from Raditz, "Fleeing from me is not a good idea my scouted won't leave you out of sight, I will find you no matter what" said Raditz approaching him again. Goku looked somewhat scared this was new for him no enemy has ever made Goku feel what Raditz made him feel it was like a nightmare that will forever chase him. "So let's make this easier for both of us, just come with me" said Raditz. Goku blasted him with a ki blast and began to flee for his life "I need to get out of here" thought Goku, he looked back the ki blast barely did anything as Raditz was flying right behind him and was really close. Goku gasp as he quickly keeper running and tried to cut Raditz off by making a sudden turn but Raditz turn easily staying behind him. Goku needed to speed up somehow he made another turn but in a split second he manage to hide in the bush as Raditz keep going he realized somehow he lost Goku. "Where could have he gone to?" He though. Goku keeper running as fast as he could till he reach the perfect place his home where he use to live with his grandpa Gohan.

Goku hide in there he was trembling a bit and looked outside the window and panted a lot. He sat down on the bed trying to relax of what had just happen, "..... Grandpa.... Please protect me" he though clinching onto the covers. He had never felt so terrified in his life to be taken away to a different place from his home. Goku laid down on his bed it felt so warm as he relax, "I wish there was a way to communicate with the others I really need them now...." Goku though that maybe support from his friends would help him. Goku laid down as the sun was going down he had spend all day in there with just the thought of his brother finding him keep him awake till he broke down closing his eyes falling sleep for a moment. He was really tired and so he really needed to rest after all that was happening.

Goku suddenly open his eyes when he felt that something was near by, he quickly sat up as he saw the big figure right in next to him. It was Raditz looking down at Goku smirking "I finally found you" those words gave Goku chills as he quickly got of the bed but was corner by Raditz. "No.... No please listen to me" Goku begged as he placed his hands on the strong armor pushing him but Raditz wouldn't move. He reach over for his tail grabbing it with success, "Ahhhhh!" Goku trembled as he kneeled to the ground as Raditz was squeezing his tail. "L-L-Listen... Please" Goku continue to say as his brothers slightly bigger hands grab him bridal style still not letting go of his tail. "Let's go it's been a long day and it was clever of you to hide here but it wasn't enough for me to not find you" he said. "Please stop" Goku tried to get free from his brother's grip. Raditz walked to the space pod and sat down with Goku on his lap. "I SAID LISTEN!" Goku yelled loudly as a tear slide down his cheek, Raditz was surprise he had never seen a saiyan in this condition. He let go of Goku's tail, Goku began to sob lighting and speak to Raditz. "I don't want to leave, this is my home planet please try to understand that...." Goku placed a hand on his cheek "I don't want to leave it all" he sob a little. Raditz looked down at him with a serious face and sigh keeping the saiyan close to him. "I have been on this planet since I was a baby, every good memory I have it comes from here" Goku began to explain about his entire life and journey as a kid and everything to Raditz. Raditz listen carefully to Goku's story and so he sigh, "Now you see why I don't want to leave... So please don't force me to leave it all" Goku said, Raditz press his forehead against Goku's understanding his baby brother. "Alright I won't force you" Raditz said kissing his cheek, Goku smiled as he heard that and wrap his arms around Raditz's neck hugging his older brother. Raditz hugged him back rubbing his back, Goku got out the space pod and looked back at Raditz. He knew the other saiyan might leave, "Will you come visit me?" Goku ask, "You want me to visit you?" Raditz ask surprise. Goku smiled at him sweetly "I do want to know more about my big brother" he said. Raditz's cheeks turned red at the beautiful sight "I might" he said, "Then I will be here waiting for you" said Goku, Raditz nod he got up and kiss Goku's cheek leaving his brother surprise and with red cheeks. Raditz sat back on his space pod closing it and it quickly left. Goku watch in the night sky as his brother space ship disappeared and he placed his hand on his cheek. ".... Goodbye big brother" said Goku with red cheeks sinking into the feeling.
A brotherly visit
Well this is just a random thing I just wanted to write. This is mostly a Goku x Raditz short here. Mostly this is a version I made up of how Goku meet his big brother. Mostly it takes place before the martial arts tournament and before his tail was cut of for a final time. Also I don't know if I will continue it I might make more short chapters of Goku getting long with his big brother and stuff like that but I don't know. You guys tell me if I should make more of this two.

Both belong to Akira Toriyama


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Well as you can all see I got new updates now and everything which is freaking awesome, I will be making pools asking you guys simple questions and letting you guys decide what you like most.

Also be patient Sonic fans as a new chapter of A thousand years of Sonic is coming and there will be a new character presented.

What would you like me to post more? 

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