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Happy Birthday LugiaFan17 by eeveecupcakegirl
Happy Birthday LugiaFan17
A little comic I made for my boyfriends birthday it was yesterday but I was so busy with him yesterday I couldn't post it. Hope you like it Sugar Cake.

Sprites and all belong to Nintendo and Game Freak


eeveecupcakegirl's Profile Picture
Puerto Rico
:iconrainbow-heartplz: :iconrainbow-eplz: :iconrainbow-eplz: :iconrainbow-vplz: :iconrainbow-eplz: :iconrainbow-eplz: :iconrainbow-xplz: :iconrainbow-rplz: :iconrainbow-iplz: :iconrainbow-oplz: :iconrainbow-lplz: :iconrainbow-uplz: :iconrainbow-heartplz:

I'm a eevee lover There's an Eevee for everything Stamp by omegaflash4Stamp: Eevee Love by AnnrovEevee by MarlenesstampsEevee by number03Eevee Stamp by HikariOkamiEevee fan stamp by EeveeX99Eevee Stamp by Maxvel33Eevee Fan Stamp by Skymint-StampsEevee Stamp by TheHarleyEevee stamp by Numbuh9Stamp - Eevee by EvadollPlush Stamp by EeveeFanClub.:Pokemon stamp 6:. by dannyphantom300I Love Eevee by LadyQuintessence:thumb287854821:Gary and Eevee fan STAMP by diamond-in-the-ruffEevee Trainer by Ls-MercernaryEevee stamp by DametoraEevee fan stamp by ShineymagicEevee Stamp. Dont piss me off by SweetBeriiChuEevee Stamp 0 by ice-fire.:Pokemon stamp 2:. by dannyphantom300{Eevee} by xXtoxic-infectionXxEeveelutions Parade Stamp by The-Emerald-OtterEevee Stamp by Heart-StampEevee Stamp by ice-fireEevee Stamp by PFV0-Stamp:iconeeveefanclub:

Welcome to my Page

Name: Katinia
Gender: Female
Age: 17
Fav. thing to do: I bake, I write stories, I draw.
Fav.colors: Red
Fav. thing to draw: Pokemon, Dragon ball Z, and a bit of Five Nights at Freddy
Fav. Bands: Breaking Benjamin, Linking Park, Daughtry, and Vocaloid

My Fav. Sonic character ever:
Support Blaze by YamiLover13

My Fav. Pokémon Trainer (Manga)(Anime)(Videogame):
Sapphire.:Stamp:. by ForbiddenchasmXMisty stamp by SA948-StampsTrainer Red Stamp by Maxvel33

My Fav. Hamtaro character:
Harmony fan by Atlanta-Hammy

My Fav. Spyro character:
Cynder the Dragon Stamp by AESD

My Fav. Adventure Time character:
Flame Princess stamp by FubblegumCF

My Fav. PowerPuffGirls/PowerPuffGirlsZ Character:
Bubbles Stamp by Twilight-Witch

My Favorite Vocaloid
Rin by azianwolfdoll

My Favorite Mario Character:
Rosalina and Luma Stamp by Lady-Zelda-of-Hyrule

My Favorite Dragon Ball Z character:
Future Trunks Fan Stamp by xavs-stamps

My Favorite Animatronic from Five Nights at Freddy's:
Another Mangle - Stamp by Starrceline


Sonadow: Forbidden Feelings stamp by eeveecupcakegirlSonadow Last Night, Good night stamp by eeveecupcakegirlSonadow: The Chosen One stamp by eeveecupcakegirlSonadow generations stamp by eeveecupcakegirlMerSonic x WereShadow stamp by eeveecupcakegirlSonadow and Amouge stamp by eeveecupcakegirlMeirhog Sonic x Shadow stamp by eeveecupcakegirlKid Sonadow stamp by eeveecupcakegirlWereSonadow stamp 2 by eeveecupcakegirlFemaleSonicxShadow stamp by eeveecupcakegirlMephonic stamp by eeveecupcakegirlMephilver stamp by eeveecupcakegirlFleetourge stamp 2 by eeveecupcakegirlFleetourge stamp by eeveecupcakegirlAmouge Family stamp by eeveecupcakegirlI support Sonamy Fan child stamp by eeveecupcakegirlShadmaria Family stamp by eeveecupcakegirlSalkhan and Sonamy stamp by eeveecupcakegirlSalkhan stamp 1 by eeveecupcakegirlSalkhan stamp 2 by eeveecupcakegirlWere Sonadow stamp by eeveecupcakegirlI support Sonadow Fan Child stamp by eeveecupcakegirlRobtic Stamp by Supremechaos918I support Sonamy and Sonadow stamp by eeveecupcakegirlSonadow Family stamp by eeveecupcakegirl


Journal History

Tagged by :icongilgummybear:

Must post these rules<33
2.Each person has to Share 13 things about them
3.anwser 13 questions given to u and make 13 questions on your own
4.litery tag 13 people<3
5.You cant say u don't do tags
6.tag backs are allowed
7.You must make a journal entry
8.Must be done this by a week or u must listen to whatever the tagger says creative with the title

1. My favorite color is red.
2. I want to be a great baker in the future to open my own bakery.
3. I love baking Cupcakes cause it's my passion.
4. I have a black chihuahua names Sofia.
5. I support Homo coupled as much as Hetero couples.
6. I don't judge anyone for what they like or dislike or even life style everyone has the right to do what they want.
7. I read the bible and pray every night cause I am a strong believer in Jesus and God.
8. My boyfriend is :iconlugiafan17: and I love him so much.
9. my favorite Pokemon is eevee.
10. I love Dragonball including that my favorite character is Future Trunks (With long hair).
11. I love to RP a lot more than anything.
12. My favorite season is Autumn cause it has all my favorite colors (Red, Orange, Yellow)
13. My best friend/ lil sis is :icongilgummybear: who I also RP a lot XP

My questions by :icongilgummybear:

1. Fluffy or normal hair cats?
I adore Fluffy cats.

2. Comedy or terror movie?
I prefer comedy more than anything.

3. Do you like Japan?
Yes I do I would love to visit it especially in the cherry blossom festival.

4. Do you like candy?
Yes I do love candy a lot.

5. Markiplier or Jack?
I would have to say Markiplier.

6. Which is your favorite season?
Autumn is my favorite season

7. Gil or Nil? :'>
100% Gil (Sorry Nil you are cute and all but I just have to go wit Gil)

8. Would you hang out with Deadpool for a day?
Well honest if he would control himself and not do anything stupid then yes.

9. Where would you like to live? (County name or city)
In any place where I can see the seasons changing mainly California.

10. Would you hang out with me for one day?
I would hang out with you more than one day.

11. Want pocky?
Yes! Cookies and Cream please.

12. Am I your best friend?
No you are not, you are my sister.

13. Which is your #1 OC?
Cupcake because she's like my main character I can fit her in any universe.

My questions:

1. Is there something you have that you consider your most valuable position?
2. What's your favorite anime?
3. Do you have a pet if so what is its name? (if not what kind of pet would you like to have?)
4. Do you have a universal OC? (A OC that you use in more than 1 anime/cartoon)
5. What's your favorite color?
6. Do you like Pokemon if so what Pokemon is your favorite? (If not just ignore this question)
7. Are you in love with someone?
8. Do you believe in love at first sight?
9. What's your favorite holiday?
10. Do you like Dragonball if so who's your favorite character?
11. What is your favorite type of movie?
12. Do you like to read? If so what's your favorite book?
13. Anything that you despise so deeply?

I tag:

And anyone else who would like to do this.

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